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Be visible in the M2M space

Our flexible and competitive advertising solutions help you increase your brand awareness and boost the promotion of your products and services in the M2M space.

Advertise through one of our channels to reach our very targeted audience.

Why choose M2M World News for your M2M ad campaigns

  • We are a fully independent media with guaranteed neutrality
  • Our audience is exclusively made of M2M users (enterprises) and high-level M2M professionals
  • Our content is easy-to-read, 100% focused on Machine-to-Machine
  • Our excellent SEO ranks us on top of the M2M news sources*
  • Our site is indexed in the Google News engine, giving us wide visibility and qualified traffic every day
  • We are media partner of the key M2M events during the year
  • We are recognized and trusted by leading M2M companies
  • We offer very competitive rates with loyalty discounts
  • Thanks to our visitors’ loyalty, we can guarantee volume displays for your campaigns
  • We have flexible ad options (IAB and custom formats)
  • We can help create your campaigns and maximize your ad performance
  • Our traffic and registered members database is growing every month
* M2M World News is generally in the top 3 positions on the Google search “M2M news / Machine to Machine news”
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Should you be interested in advertising through one of our channels, don’t hesitate to send us your inquiry at: contact@m2mworldnews.com or call us at: +33(0)9 72 40 69 86.
We generally answer within 24 hours.

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